Short tours in Uganda

Short Uganda tours – short tour safaris in Uganda

Of recent, Uganda has developed her city and the peripheral areas to enhance short day tours / excursions. The short tours in Uganda can be undertaken as weekend get away, group / school / college excursions, day breaks, among others.

Short tours in Uganda give you a chance to explore Uganda’s hot spot attractions in the shortest period ever. With relatively minimum costs, you can have a glimpse on Uganda’s highlights both in the zoo and in the wilderness, including the Gorillas, chimpanzees, Birds, numerous adventurous tour activities such as White water rafting, Bungee jumping on the Nile.

The popular excursion tours include; R.Nile white water rafting safari, Mabamba Island birding tour, Entebbe tour – Uganda Wildlife Education Centre / zoo, Ngamba Island chimpanzee tracking tour, Beach safaris, City tours and others. Start your journey from the city Centre straight into the wilderness!

Notable destinations to organize short tours in Uganda include road trips to Bwindi impenetrable national park, Lake Mburo National park, Kibale Forest National Park and Queen Elizabeth national park.

Now let Love Uganda Safaris take you to your dream destination at any day of the week. You can also request for a customized package that suits in your schedule and budget.


3 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari

3 Days Gorilla safari in Uganda. The shortest Gorilla tour in Uganda The 3 days Uganda Gorilla safari will journey you to Bwindi impenetrable national park found in south western Uganda which is a premier home of the endangered Mountain...
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3 Days Sipi Falls Tour in Uganda

3 DAYS SIPI FALLS TOUR - Sipi falls in Uganda Love Uganda safaris will take you to Sipi Falls, one of the most romantic places in Uganda, found in the Eastern parts of Uganda on the slopes of Mount Elgon....
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3 Days Kidepo Valley National park safari

3 DAYS KIDEPO VALLEY NATIONAL PARK  SAFARI UGANDA This 3 Days Kidepo valley national park Safari in Uganda will enable you go for a game drive and view numerous wild animals and also have wonderful scenic views in the plains of...
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3 Day Ssese Island Uganda Safari

3 Day Ssese Island Uganda Safari The Islands are an archipelago of 84 Islands situated on the world’s second-largest freshwater lake; and are one of Uganda’s tourist destinations. With Bugala Island being the biggest, developed and most visited with the best hotels...
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3 Day Safari to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary This Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary safari is one of the shortest chimpanzee safaris carried out by love Uganda safaris. It involves traversing the west through the Rwenzori towards the sanctuary of chimpanzees which is commonly known...
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2 Day Murchison Falls National Park Tour

2 Day Murchison Falls National Park Tour The tour offers an unforgettable experience, providing the stunning views of the world's powerful falls and the magnificent encounter with Uganda's big game. It is the shortest trip to Murchison falls national park...
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2 Day Jinja White Water Rafting Trip/Safari

Jinja White Water Rafting Trip & Source of River Nile Retreat Trip overview Jinja lies in the south east of Uganda, 87 km north east of the capital, Kampala. The beautiful city is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, near the...
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1 Day Source of the Nile (Jinja) Excursion

1 Day River Nile tour/Source of the Nile (Jinja) Excursion Overview of the Tour Jinja lies in the south east of Uganda, 87 km north east of the capital, Kampala. The beautiful city is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, near the source of the...
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1 DAY MABAMBA BIRDING TOUR / EXCURSION IN UGANDA The 1 Day Mabamba Birding tour / excursion is a whole day birding experience that suits mostly those on a day break and a hide away from the towns of Kampala...
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1 Day Kampala City Tour

1 Day Kampala City Tour Over view of the tour Religious tours Cultural tours Museum Administrative centres About Kampala Before the arrival of the British colonialists, the Kabaka of Buganda had chosen the zone that would become Kampala as a hunting reserve. The...
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1 Day Entebbe Tour

1 Day Entebbe Tour During this Entebbe tour, in one of Uganda safari destinations, Entebbe city you will enjoy more than you expect.  Entebbe is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, 21 miles from Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The...
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1 Day Jinja/Kampala City Tour

Jinja/Kampala City Tour This Jinja/Kampala City Tour is a unique safari tour which is served to the clients by our company.  You will get a chance to adventure the uniqueness of Uganda when it comes to your visit to Jinja. The...
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