Uganda Hiking Safaris

Uganda Hiking safaris – A Luxury adventure tour on Uganda’s highlands.

Uganda Hiking safaris can sometimes involve bush walking, climbing, rock sliding. Thus hiking is sometimes termed as such. This specifically refers to difficult walking through dense forest, undergrowth, or bushes, where forward progress requires pushing vegetation aside.

In Uganda, there are various places where hiking can be carried out; and enjoyed both on the big mountains like Mount. Rwenzori, Mount.Elgon, Mount. Muhavura, Mount.Moroto and Mgahinga mountains. Also,this activity can be carried out on some small hills like Kagulu hill in the Busoga region.

More peculiarly, Uganda hiking safaris can be combined with other activities – including gorilla safaris, birding safaris, scenic viewing, cultural tours, cave exploration, and game safaris in the national parks where these mountains are located, including Rwenzori Mountains national park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Kidepo Valley national park, Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Mount Elgon national park.

Hiking in Uganda has for long been considered a luxury activity by many travelers not until of recent where a lot of budget and adventurous hikers have massively undertaken these safaris,both in Uganda and else where and the Rwenzori Mountains have been selected as one of the World’s Best Hikes by National Geographic.

Uganda hiking safaris offer you a great tour experience. Rwenzori Mountain climbing is the favorite and you shouldn’t dare miss it out as you plan your safari / tour in Uganda. Hiking to the top of mount Rwenzori will take you some time and energy though. You must be fit and courageous. It is snow-capped. You will be expected to carry with you thick woolen clothes to keep you warm.

What is required during a Uganda hiking safari?

  • Warm clothings
  • Ruck sack
  • Hiking Boots, Gum boots
  • Emergency kits
  • Food: Most trekkers bring their own food. Some food can also be bought at the Park head quarters.

High-quality camping gear is generally not readily available in Kampala. The Park Head Quarter has a limited number of tents, rucksacks and boots for hire, make sure you speak to establish availability.  Park head quarters also provides crampons, ice axes and ropes for hire, for those intending to attempt any of the peaks, but you can of course carry your own.

Enjoy a wide range of hiking options at admirable rates all year round with Love Uganda Safaris. We have tailor made hiking packages for you to choose from,well designed based on our past travelers.

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