Uganda Birding Safaris

 Uganda Birding safaris

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Uganda  Birding Safaris  has an increasing reputation as an exceptional worldwide sites for Bird Watching. It is ranked among the richest countries in the world in terms of bird species; with over 1500 species of birds. This is due to the diversity of its territory. Ranging from Savannah, semi-desert, montane tropical rain forests, wetlands, Lakes, Rivers, and Afro-Alpine zone to thick impenetrable rain forests.

All the above are a rich habitat for the most sought-after birds in the world. Uganda has almost half the total species recorded in Africa; and has more birds per square kilometer than any African country.

Birding in Uganda can be done all year round and almost in all national parks in Uganda and other bird watching sites including Mabamba wetlandBigodi swamp in Kibale Forest National park, Mubwindi swamp, L.Albert,Semuliki Valley and many other sites.

Undertake Uganda birding safaris / tours to explore the premier bird species endemic to the Albertine region. We offer amazing Uganda birding safaris to both independent birders and groups with our highly trained local bird guides.

Uganda is the real birder’s paradise and one of Africa’s premier birding destinations; while on a birding safari / tour in Uganda, expect  an endless list of bird species to view, notably the prestigious Grey crowned crane which is the National bird featured on Uganda’s flag as her national emblem; other notable bird species can be grouped in 2 categories, the Non-Passerines and the Passerines.

The Non-passerines include but not limited to the following: Shoe Bill Stork, Ostriches,Flamingos, Grebes, Shearwaters and petrels, Cormorants, Rails, crakes, Darters, Pelicans, Bitterns,geese and swans, Hammerkop, Ibises and spoonbills, Storks, Pheasants and francolins, Ducks, Osprey, Hawks, Bustards, Partridges, Guineafowl, Cranes, gallinules and coots, Sungrebe and finfoots, Buttonquails, Jacanas, Painted-snipe, herons and egrets, Caracaras and falcons. among others.

At Love Uganda Safaris, we promise to try our utmost best to provide you with the premier and high class birding tours while on your Uganda Birding safaris with 24 hour services of our experienced bird guides, comfortable birding Vans to enable you view the most elusive species in their hideouts, and we ensure to take you to the most attractive bird watching spots in Uganda to take memorable photos.

Undertake Uganda Birding Safaris and enjoy modest rates with our accurately designed Birding tour packages !!


3 Day Lake Victoria Islands Birding Tour

Lake Victoria Islands Birding Tour in Uganda Lake Victoria birding tours / safaris in Uganda are one of a lifetime experiences for passionate birders. Bird watching and birding excursions are all possible, with chances of sun set and morning boat...
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17 Day Uganda Gorilla Trekking, Birding And Wildlife Safari

Birding & Gorilla Trekking Wildlife Safari This 17 day birding & Gorilla Trekking Wildlife Safari will lead you to birding experience in Mabamba –Kamengo wetland and also at Mpanga Forest. There, you will also see the extensive papyrus swamp with...
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16 Day Uganda Forest Bird watching Safari

Uganda Bird watching Safari This Uganda Forest bird watching safari is a dream tour for every interested birder; whether a first time visitor or many times.Uganda’s birds have ornithologists doing cartwheels with over 1100 species (10 % of the world's...
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15 Day Birding Safari Uganda in Budongo, Bwindi and Kibale Forests

15 Day Birding Safari Uganda in Budongo, Bwindi and Kibale Forests This 15 day  birding Safari Uganda takes you to Uganda and you will visit Mabamba wetland for birding and view many bird species, there will also be birding in...
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12 Day Uganda Birding and Butterfly Species Watching Holiday

Uganda Birding safari and Butterfly watching holiday You will have a wonderful Uganda Birding safari and butterfly watching in Uganda. You will have a birding experience at Entebbe Botanical gardens. There, you will see butterflies like Swallowtails; and birds such...
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12 Day Uganda Birding & Wildlife Safari

12 Day Uganda Birding & Wildlife Safari In this 12 Day Uganda Birding & Wildlife Safari; an experiential birding encounter; you will have a view of most of the world’s ‘sought after’ bird species in their habitat including the famous shoe...
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11 Day Uganda Birding Safari and Gorilla Trekking

Uganda Birding & Gorilla Tracking Tour This Birding & Gorilla Tracking Tour is designed for the birders who are also interested in tracking the gorillas within Uganda. You will explore bird species of the Albertine and the highland areas. You...
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1 Day Mabamba Wetland Birding Tour/Excursion

1 Day Mabamba Wetland Birding Tour/Excursion This 1 Day Mabamba Birding tour/Excursion is a whole day birding experience. It suits mostly those on a day break and a hide away from the towns of Kampala and Entebbe. The excursion begins and ends...
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