Rwanda Safaris

Rwanda safaris – Gorilla and wildlife tours in Rwanda

Enjoy ultimate Rwanda safaris with Love Uganda safaris, your trusted safari partner. Rwanda safari tours will offer an amazing encounter to discover the land of a ‘thousand hills’. Our private tours to Rwanda can be a cocktail of so many safari tours, tourist activities and attractions. These may include Gorilla trekking safaris, wildlife safari tours, Rwanda birding safaris, cultural tours and hiking safaris.

Rwanda boasts of a variety of attractions well sheltered in her lush green vegetation and her famous national parks; these include the awesome mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National park, Wild game in Akagera National park and an impressive population of Primates in Nyungwe forest national park which has continuously favored travellers interested in chimpanzee tracking safaris and birding.

Cultural safari tours in Rwanda are highly attributed to the presence of the historical genocide sites mainly in Kigali, museums, diversity of cultures and traditional practices amongst the native Rwandese, the local Rwandan cattle, the kingdoms and many others.

Hiking safaris can be supported by a trip to volcanoes national park and hike to the top of mountain Karisimbi giving you an epic travel experience of an exclusive Rwanda adventure tour.

Travel to Lake Kivu to enjoy ultimate fishing safari in Rwanda, coupled with interesting African canoe experience. Other lakes in Rwanda to enjoy fishing safaris and boat trips are Lake Ihema in Akagera National park and the twin lakes in Ruhengeri.

Love Uganda safaris will take extra care of your safari tour in Rwanda. We have the belief, experience and capacity to develop an itinerary according to your needs and travel budget to give you the most unforgettable tour in Rwanda. We also do combined trips to Uganda and Rwanda allowing you to undertake gorilla tracking in both countries without paying a lot of money or altering your travel schedules.

Rwanda wildlife safaris

Rwanda wildlife safaris- wildlife safaris / tours in Rwanda Wildlife Safaris / tours in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills!! Rwanda wildlife safaris / tours have continously attracted the attention of prospective travellers interested in exploring this incredible gem....
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Rwanda Gorilla Safaris- Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

RWANDA GORILLA SAFARIS Gorilla trekking safaris / tours in Rwanda Rwanda Gorilla safaris- trekking gorillas in Rwanda gives you a life time opportunity to discover these awesome apes currently existing in only three countries in the world where the critically...
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Facts about Rwanda

THE REMARKABLE RWANDA: THE FACTS ABOUT RWANDA'S BEAUTY  Rwanda now part of the East African community is labeled a unique and adorable country. In the east of Africa is a country that boasts of clean serenity, rich with beautiful soils,...
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