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Uganda silverback gorillas Mountain gorillas are one of the wonderfully made species found in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park in the south western Uganda. These biologically varied rainforests that date back to more than 25,000 years...
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Gorilla trekking in Uganda

Getting along with gorilla trekking in Uganda Gorillas are dominant members of the primate family, researchers claim that they possess almost 95% of human genes, based on the natural intelligence they exhibit. In Uganda, Mountain Gorillas are found in the spectacular Bwindi...
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UGANDA GORILLA HABITUATION EXPERIENCE It’s no doubt that the mountain gorillas share 97% of their DNA with humans; however they are still regarded as wild animals. These great apes that can only be found in three nations worldwide, with a population of about 880 are critically...
Source of River Nile


VISITING THE SOURCE OF RIVER NILE IN JINJA, UGANDA The Nile River, vastly regarded as the world’s longest river is the not only the lifeline of Egypt but many other nations. Its rich history from the medieval times, biblical right up to today makes one wonder of its Genesis....
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THRILLING EXPERIENCE AT THE UGANDA EQUATOR Conjoining the earth’s surface with a suspended plane to the rotation axis of the earth and holding its centre of mass is the Equator. Here however, the part that enshrouds this geographical covering is called the Uganda Equator, an...
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Uganda hot air balloon safaris

Uganda hot air balloon safaris – in Murchison falls national park Amazingly in Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park, hot air balloon safaris have become a fancy to many safari makers and visitors. At the top of the park’s plains and to the water falls, you can see the...
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Uganda Sipi falls

Sipi falls: Uganda’s most scenic water falls on the foot hills of Mt. Elgon. Sipi Falls is one of Uganda’s most popular destinations with the most stunning water falls located in the Eastern part of Uganda particularly in Kapchorwa district North East of Sironko and Mbale...
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The Uganda Shoebill – Why Uganda Shoebill is a must watch during Uganda safaris

THE SHOE BILL STORK IN UGANDA: A HIGHLIGHT OF BIRDING TOURS IN UGANDA The shoebill stork in Uganda is one of the world’s most sought after bird. Also known as (Balaeniceps rex) is one of the great bird species in East Africa and Africa. The shoebill stork is an amazing and...
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Love Uganda Safaris Emerges best Tour Companies In Uganda

LOVE UGANDA SAFARIS – ONE OF THE BEST TOUR COMPANIES IN UGANDA With experience sought over the years in the Uganda safari business, Love Uganda Safaris & Tours climaxes the Safari domain; organizing tailor- made safari trips to Uganda and the rest of East Africa but based on...