MOUNTAIN GORILLA HABITATS IN UGANDA More than half of the world’s remaining mountain Gorillas call Uganda home. This is a superficial statement. Wow! Indeed Uganda becomes a blessed country in its young stage that the world’s eyes are all on … Read the full article →


GOVERNMENT’S DESIRE TO REVOKE TAXES ON UGANDA HOTELS  Uganda hotel owners and operators woke up in the amazing news by the government to reduce taxes on all Uganda hotels and accommodation facilities to enhance tourism and increase return on investment. The new … Read the full article →

Baby Gorilla in Bwindi National park

Baby Gorilla born in Bwindi impenetrable national park Uganda It is always amazing and worth celebrating in Uganda when the news of a Gorilla being born is heard. The world’s most endangered species only found in three East African countries, … Read the full article →

View our website in any language

Dear clients, travelers and well wishers, we would like to let you know that you can now view and share our safaris, itineraries, trip destinations and many others on our website in any common language across the world such as … Read the full article →

Change In our Email Usage Policy

Due to an upgrade in our company policies, we would like to notify our dear clients about the change in usage of different company emails found on our website and how best to utilize them for smoother communication with us … Read the full article →

Uganda, a Safe Safari Destination

Uganda, a Safe Safari Destination Uganda has been faced by many wars, riots, strikes and much instability; however this has not affected the safari industry which has helped in increasing the amount of revenues within the country. Uganda is naturally … Read the full article →

Bird Watching in Uganda

Birding in Uganda Uganda is Africa’s most complete bird watching destination; with more than 1,000 species recorded within an area comparable to that of Great Britain. Specialist birding safaris through western Uganda routinely notch up an incredible tally of 400 species … Read the full article →

Visit Source of the Mighty Nile

The Mighty Source of River Nile The source of River Nile, alluded to hazily in the ancient writings of the explorers, stood as one of the great geographical mysteries of the Victorian age. This has greatly attracted many people to come for … Read the full article →

Explore Kampala at its Best in Uganda

Kampala city Kampala city is home to thousands of Ugandan businesses and the major international and regional companies and the organizations; including the headquarters of the east African Development bank and Makerere University; one of East and central Africa’s premier … Read the full article →

Uganda Unique Adventure

Uganda Unique Adventure Uganda is a classic adventure tourism destination. The Bujagali falls which lies down stream of the source of the Nile an hour’s drive east of Kampala, is the east African counterpart to more southerly adrenaline capital such … Read the full article →