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Uganda car hire / rental services

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When preparing for safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, landing on a cheap, affordable and trusted Uganda car hire / rental company has not been easy , at Love Uganda Safaris we make it easier for you, ensuring  your comfort with extra desirable services like  global positioning systems,  navigation systems, soothing music, and well-functioning A.C.

We offer you cheap Uganda car hire / rental services, as well as Rwanda and many other destinations all around East Africa you would want to safari to and we are among the most trusted and reliable car hiring partners offering a variety of cars ranging from Saloon cars, buses, Prado Land cruisers, limousines, Safari Minivans and super customs. Our vehicles are fitted with A.Cs, unlimited Wi-Fi internet, pop up roofs to enable a client view beautiful African sceneries while on transit with comfortable seats and also for several years we are still able to ensure safety of our clients through the use of qualified drivers.


Our company offers Spacious and ultra-luxurious buses at a pocket friendly cost of between $115-$145, with enough space ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients, carrying about 30-35 persons, it comes with a fully qualified driver.


Many would want to enjoy luxury travel, here at Love Uganda Safaris we provide vehicles with superior limousine safaris for tours around Kampala and Kigali either for wedding and other great occasions like airport pickups and drop offs, concerts, Limo services, birthdays, corporate events, among other sporting events and others.

4X4 Safari Land cruisers

Love Uganda safaris has lavish cars for our customers who enjoy luxurious travel, all equipped with good A.Cs, featured with a pop up roof which presents uninterrupted wild game viewing chances and 4WD comfortable enough to hit all kinds of roads both in Rwanda and Uganda without fear of weather or seasons.

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Rent a car in Uganda and Rwanda with Love Uganda Safaris to have a memorable trip with in our most affordable, luxurious and comfortable vehicles.


Rothschild's giraffes in Uganda, Uganda wildlife, safaris in Uganda, Uganda toursSaving the endangered Rothschild’s Giraffes in Uganda

Uganda is setting the sky as the limit in saving the world’s tallest animal; Rothschild’s Giraffe. Uganda today remains the world’s eminent home to the largest population of these giraffes. It’s no surprise that sometimes it is referred to as the Ugandan Giraffe.

The Rothschild’s Giraffes is a sub-species of the Giraffa species and is also classified as an endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Of the 2000 remaining, the pearl of Africa plays host of 800 members at the Murchison Falls National park being among the only ones left surviving naturally in the wild. The others are housed within zoos and breeding centers like the Nairobi Giraffe Centre.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority working hand in hand with the Uganda Conservation Foundation initiated an operation within the Delta area of Murchison Falls that saw about 300 snares removed. The snares that were found strategically placed in the waterways in the park had claimed many lives of the Rothschild’s giraffe.

In addition to that, three ranger posts were set up at critical points to shield crucial giraffe habitats at Kabim and Semanya on the Albert Nile and Punu Rii in the Wangkwar valley. These posts have eased deployment of UWA personnel where and when they are needed.

As part of the wildlife expansion project as well as need to boost other tourist centres of a Uganda safari encounter, some of the Rothschild’s giraffe have been trans located to Lake Mburo National Park and the south bank of Murchison Falls National Park. At Lake Mburo, the towering animals are being reintroduced after about a century of extinction. It is believed the last Rothschild’s Giraffes in Uganda were wiped out due to poaching and diseases. While you’re in East Africa, you can also sight the Rothschild’s giraffe in Lake Nakuru National park as you explore and discover the great lakes region of Africa.

Extensive studies by the Uganda Conservation Foundation have also been able to find the cure of skin lesions which are large scaly patches that appear on their chests and necks that affect the giraffes in Murchison Falls. With assistance from the Busch Gardens (an African-themed animal park in the United States), Ivermectin an anti-parasitic drug was discovered as possible solution to the nematode.

Rothschild's giraffes in Uganda, Uganda wildlife, safaris in Uganda, Uganda tours

To crown it all, coordinated endeavors by skate holders has fostered gradual growth of wildlife populations that include the critically endangered great apes Mountain Gorillas and the rhinos that have boosted Uganda as a prime gorilla trekking and wildlife safari destination.

rhinos in uganda, ziwa rhino sanctuary uganda, rhino trekking in uganda, southern white rhinos in uganda


The Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary (Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Ranch) is the noble home where one can exclusively sight the gorgeous white Rhinos in Uganda. Gifted by nature, the pearl of Africa is home to various wildlife ranging from birds, mountain gorillas and big cats etc. While one a Uganda safari tour, one can catch glimpses of the elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard that can be found in any of the national parks. The latter mentioned animals make up the Big Five jointly with the Rhinos.

Both the white and black rhinoceros are endemic to Uganda. However nearly two decades ago, the rhinos in Uganda were wiped up due to the gross poaching, civil wars and habitat mismanagement in the nation by about 1983.  In 1997, Rhino Fund Uganda; an NGO was established and embarked on the goal to reintroduce rhinos in Uganda. In conjunction with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the fund in 2005 accomplished its prime objective when it saw the introduction of six rhinos at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Tourism in Uganda has since received a major boost as it saw the completion of the Big Five in the Nation. The Ranch sits on a 7000 hectare piece of land with befitting savanna grasslands and woodlands. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary today is home of about 20 southern rhinos many of which have been born in the country. The sanctuary also offers a habitat for many other animals like the crocodiles, hippopotamus, the Ugandan kob, pangolins and the white tailed mongoose. In addition to that, a range of amphibians/reptiles also reside in the sanctuary namely the black mamba, African rock python and the spitting cobra. This refuge also congregates various bird species making it a must-stop for those in search of birding safaris in Uganda.

The refugee offers an authentic African safari encounter with activities like foot rhino trekking, guided nature walks, shoebill canoe safari and the true birding experience.  This has made it an exclusive stop for any tourist on their way to or from the Murchison Falls National park the biggest conservation area in Uganda. Long term prospects aim at the reintroduction of these mammals in Murchison Falls National park and Kidepo Valley national Park.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary has won international recognition for its best practices on wildlife conversation and is an exceptional undertaking while on vacation in Uganda.

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience in Uganda (CHEX)

In East Africa Uganda offers great opportunities for visitors looking for the amazing chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda (CHEX).

The most interesting part of Uganda is that it’s a home for over 5,000 chimpanzees in both its conservation areas and the areas that are not considered as protected areas. Uganda has 5 major destinations for chimp habituation; these include, Budongo forest covering places like Masindi, Buliisa, Kiryandongo, Nebbi, and Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, Kalinzu forest reserve, Toro Semuliki reserve and Kibale national park that is a paradise of Chimpanzee Habituation experience in Uganda. Chimp tracking is allowed for only 2 hours but chimp habituation is an amazing experience where one stays for a whole day in the jungles with chimps, man’s closest relatives, watching how they live, and feeding habits.

Chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda is along lasting experience where guests take a full day, this is officially done in the chimpanzee community which is undergoing a habituation, and this activity of habituation implies having an early and heavy breakfast, packed lunch from where these great primates have built their nice and beautiful nests before night approaches. Here a visitor during chimp habituation spends the rest of his /her day with chimps as they rise from the sleep and back to their nests, amazingly the chimp habituation is geared at getting how chimps can get used to human presence through drifting away the fears that inhabit and being a long process it takes a period of two years before a particular group of chimp can be considered fully habituated.

In Uganda, to get a great experience one has to make a best choice by travelling to Kibale national park, this is a starting point for one not to regret because it’s a largest home for chimps, and other primates in Uganda as well. The protocol to be followed is waking up at dawn that is exactly at 6:00 am, and by following this time one will be able to observe how they wake up, and also watching their entire day’s activities like copulation, breast feeding, hunting, resting, and patrolling within their demarcated territories, and also observing how critical and creative they are when building and designing their beautiful overnight nest, at around 1 pm in the afternoon. This doesn’t only seem like watching their activities that they perform  but also learning different unique features of chimpanzees like the chimp groups, their marking ,scars among  others that makes them standout as a different group also watching them climb back to their nests and closing their doors that are made from environmentally friendly materials as you hawed back to your respective lodge, having a good memory and  satisfaction; just have your camera at work and you will have no reason to tell how amazing a  chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda is. One may think it’s like watching an interesting new movie but this is real with full and memorable episodes for the whole season of chimpanzee habituation.

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Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Amazing Gorilla trekking tour in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the African tourism destinations that gives an astounding moment to tourists with vast number of attractions, ranging from primates, wildlife and cultures. But Rwanda is commonly known for its great potential for offering high end gorilla trekking packages in Africa. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is commonly done within the Virunga massif that straddle the boarders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo which are homes to over 1000 mountain gorillas, more than half of the entire world’s gorilla population. In Volcanoes National Park, the Rwandan part of Virungas, eleven (11) gorilla families has now been habituated purposely for gorilla trekking safaris more than anywhere else in the world. Therefore gorilla trekking safaris offer a magical encounter that transcends any other “wildlife” experience in Africa.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda offers a life time experience and opportunity to view these wide ranges of mountain gorillas in their natural habitat with feeling of fear and excitement this is because mountain gorillas seem to be dangerous and strong animals that when disturbed could easily attack someone. However fear does not last long as the continuous looking into the eyes of the mountain gorillas and the young ones playing is very exciting and offer exclusive experience that can’t be experienced anywhere on the planet. The gorilla trekking process in Rwanda is done in groups with each gorilla family capable of accommodating only up eight (8) people per day; this is because too many visitors pose a threat to animals since they can be highly exposed to human diseases like flu, cough, etc. On the other hand, the volcanoes national park can be filled with over eighty (travellers) in one good morning on a gorilla safari in Rwanda. The most interesting and captivating thing that makes tourist (visitors) engage in mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda is their characteristics of being similar to human being despite being a wild animal. The female mountain gorillas most times pumper their young ones, while others keep on playing and rolling around the bushes with the silverbacks as the family head responsible for protecting all the family members in case of any danger. The mountain gorillas also scratch their body parts just like humans do. This greatly explains why there is always a great influx of tourist each year often head to the jungle to gain mountain gorilla experience.

The trekking trip in Rwanda starts very early in the morning after having a locally made tea or coffee and going through the forest takes time and can range from 30 minutes to several hours. However, for those who seem to be physically weak are allocated to mountain gorilla families that can be accessed within few minutes but while in the volcanoes national parks it’s always assured deal to view the mountain gorillas even though you take 3 hours without seeing them. Therefore on encounter with the mountain gorillas, the tourists are required to keep a distance of about 10 meters away from the gorillas not making a lot of noise, or even using flash photography and avoiding imitating the gorilla behavior especially beating of the chest. However visitors who travel to volcanoes national park not only view mountain gorillas but also a number of worldwide species like birds other primates like monkeys and many other wild animals like Masaai Giraffe, Elephants, Buffaloes, Lions, Elands, Roan Antelope, Leopards coupled with its myriad of swamp fringed that form the most extensive wetland system in the whole of central Africa is natural wonder that gorilla safari Rwanda has incorporated in its unmatchable packages.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Rwanda silverback gorillas, gorillas in Uganda, trekking gorillas in Rwanda, Rwanda gorilla tours, Rwanda gorilla tracking safaris

Therefore for successful gorilla trekking safaris, tourists are recommended to keep their cameras ready, wear long sleeved shirts and pants, get awaking stick and also follow the guide’s instructions. Volcanoes national park can be accessed just after a 2 hour drive from Kigali on a well paved tarmac road. Don’t miss this exclusive experience by just preparing and head to Rwanda for a remarkable gorilla tracking safari.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Gorilla safaris in Uganda, Trekking gorillas in Rwanda, Rwanda gorilla tours, gorilla safaris Africa

silverback gorilla in Rwanda

Uganda silverback gorillas

Mountain gorillas are one of the wonderfully made species found in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park in the south western Uganda. These biologically varied rainforests that date back to more than 25,000 years comprise of about 400 varied plant species. These forests are homes for over 400 mountain gorillas, almost half of the world’s total population of mountain gorillas with the great silverbacks leading them.

Silverback gorillas are the mature male leaders for the families of mountain gorillas in Uganda’s wild. They were named after their silver saddles across their backs. Since the silver back is the head of the group, it’s responsible for the safety of his group (troop/family). This troop can consist of 5 to 30 gorillas. The ferocious Uganda silverback gorillas are always in charge of the troop, they make decisions on where the group travel, where it forages for food, where it will rest and where it will sleep at night.

Uganda silverback gorillas are very large with a height of about 5.5 to 6 feet and weight of 360 pounds. Their ears look small for their heads. They have large bony crests on the tops of their skulls and backs which support their jaw muscles and teeth, and also give their heads a conical shape.  The silverbacks are the most hairy species of mountain gorillas. Their hair is long and thick; this helps them in insulation at high elevations. Their legs are uniquely shorter compared to their hands. These great gorillas start developing their silver saddles at around twelve years old; the young males that have not developed these saddles yet are called “black backs”.

To your surprise, the Uganda silverback gorillas are quite gentle and shy despite their formidable size and strength. They are very social, though only with in their nomadic troops. They are affectionate; they hug and play with each other just like the humans do. They also laugh and even throw things when angry as the humans. Otherwise, they are very peaceful animals.

These gorillas mainly feed on vegetables, along the edges of dense forests, however, they can also feed on crops and rotting wood.  They consume 45 pounds of food a day. The silverback is the only male in a troop to mate with all the females. The females choose this silverback because of its strength and size. However, the silverback will sometimes allow other males in the troop to mate with one of the females in the troop. Males that have been denied the chance to mate always tend to leave the group and travel alone until they eventually form their own troops to lead.

If there is any activity that you can never miss, its gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga forest national park, come and experience the peaceful norms of the great silverback gorillas in their troops, they are the true definition of leadership.

Getting along with gorilla trekking in Uganda

Gorillas are dominant members of the primate family, researchers claim that they possess almost 95% of human genes, based on the natural intelligence they exhibit. In Uganda, Mountain Gorillas are found in the spectacular Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which is covered by a dense canopy of trees and other varied vegetation species, bird diversity but pre-dominantly apes, and heavy showers of rainfall because it is crossed by the equator. Currently there are 36 Gorilla families in Uganda, particularly in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. However, (11) eleven of these are habituated and are accessible to visitors. The rest of group(s), Nyakagezi family only thrives in Mgahinga Gorilla national Park but are so unpredictable because they move in circles between Uganda and DRC.
When talking about the rare mammal species in Uganda, you realize that promptly the mountain Gorilla is mentioned. Uganda has abundant flora and fauna but within lives a rare mammal. The mountain gorilla is rated as heavily endangered ape living in protected forests in south western Uganda, North western Rwanda and Eastern Congo (DRC). Hence close exposure to their natural habitat is every safari lover’s dream. Uganda is indeed the Pearl of Africa and it offers the best of East and West Africa, with an abounding collection of tourism activities, with gorilla trekking safaris standing out to be the greatest activity at Mgahinga Gorilla National park, Bwindi impenetrable national park and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda; actually 75% of the visitors travel to view the primates. The two countries are left with approximately 880 mountain gorillas; this park is one of the two places where a visitor is chanced to glance at the endangered species. So Mgahinga gorilla national park is the best point to trek the Nyakagezi gorilla group which frequently moves to the adjacent forests of DRC (Congo) and Rwanda. The other park is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Better still these two parks are near each other thus guaranteeing gorilla trekking safaris through both.
A gorilla trekking safari in Mgahinga Gorilla Park begins from Ntebeko entrance gate around 8:00am in the morning daily, taking 2-4 hours. A visitor is expected to budget time while with a single gorilla family since the maximum time allowed to spend with them is one hour and the best time to visit a place for tracking is during the (2) two dry seasons when the park is easily accessed since it’s when the thick forests can be penetrated easily and when the parks are not as muddy as in the rainy season. Hence gorilla trekking in Uganda is suitable all year through but the best season would be from mid-December to the end of February, June to October. When trekking gorillas in Uganda on foot through the jungle, tourists are warned to keep their distance and respect that these creatures are in their natural habitat. Travelers are also not advised to use flash cameras, to keep their voices low at all times and not to touch the gorillas or even eat and drink nearby so as to omit the transmission of human borne diseases.
We deliver free detail, safari advice, and shared opinions in order to meet our esteemed travelers’ interests and meet their expectations. You will be received with a warm touch when you visit Uganda for either a repeat or first time visit, to glance at these extremely amazing and elusive mammals, the mighty mountain gorillas!


It’s no doubt that the mountain gorillas share 97% of their DNA with humans; however they are still regarded as wild animals. These great apes that can only be found in three nations worldwide, with a population of about 880 are critically endangered species. Half of the population can be found in Uganda and are the epitome of Uganda gorilla tours and safaris. This has instantiated need to know more about these animals. The government of Uganda through the Uganda Wildlife authority embarked on offering a new experience for tourists that lets them spend more quality time with the mountain gorillas.

Habituation primarily means process that leads to cease or decrease of an organism’s response to a certain stimuli. Hence Uganda gorilla habituation experience involves getting gorillas more accustomed to people and get used to human behaviors through more and longer interactions between them. Uganda Gorilla habituation experience is done by a team of experts and researchers from the Uganda Wildlife Authority to get these elusive apes more acquainted to human beings.  This entire mechanism can take up to two years actively studying the great apes. The process also enables the researchers and rangers acquire more knowledge on better management of gorillas in case of emergencies. Upon completion, mock tests are done and if successful the family is opened up for gorilla tracking.

As opposed to the ordinary gorilla trekking encounter that offers only one hour to see the gorillas, the Uganda gorilla habituation experience offers not 1 but 4 hours of dedicated viewing and interacting with the mighty mountain gorillas. In this time you can invest a full day’s time amongst a gorilla family and watch them play, interact and tend to each other. If that is not enough you also have the opportunity to take perfect shots of and with the gorillas and take part in a particular task to habituating them.

To enjoy the Uganda gorilla habituation experience one has to take on a gorilla tour in Uganda with Love Uganda Safaris. We are renowned experts in gorilla tours and tailor made safaris in Africa. Gorilla Habituation permits came at a small investment fee of $1500 and nowhere in the world can you find such an affordable but breathtaking encounter. Gorilla habituation is currently done in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park that plays host to most of the gorillas and numerous other wildlife. It occurs in the southern region of the park known as Rushaga where 2 gorilla families are being habituated. The Bushaho and Bikingi families are allowed a maximum of four tourists a day as compared to gorilla tracking that allows up to eight people per gorilla family.

However the guidelines and requirements for a Uganda gorilla habituation experience are not any different from the gorilla trekking tips. This encounter is believed to be taking Uganda tourism to the next level as it can only be done right in the pearl of Africa. It otips ffers a more intense, powerful, immerse and composite affair with the gorillas amidst the impenetrable jungles.  Come take a Uganda tour and fall in love with various forms of nature and while in Africa, don’t ever leave out the Uganda gorilla habituation experience.


The Nile River, vastly regarded as the world’s longest river is the not only the lifeline of Egypt but many other nations. Its rich history from the medieval times, biblical right up to today makes one wonder of its Genesis. Jinja in Uganda is the proud source of River Nile, notably the longest river in the world and the adventure capital of East Africa. Today it attracts various tourists from far and beyond.

Jinja is just a two hours’ drive from the Entebbe International Airport the main entry point into the country and a one hour drive from the capital Kampala. It boosts of rich history that continuously gets a new addition to its list. It’s the main town of the Busoga Region and seat of their traditional leader, the Kyabazinga of Busoga. The Basoga are among the most prominent tribes in the Pearl of Africa. The Kyabazinga’s palace is located in Bugembe the new state of art structure is fast growing as a landmark in the region meant to its tourism.

Due to the fact that at Jinja, The River Nile is in its upper course the waters are quite strong, it gave way for the construction of the Owen Falls Dam in 1954. Today it is known as the Nalubaale Power Station, Nalubaale being the name in the local dialect. The dam construction fostered industrialization of the area with factories like Kakira Sugar Works, Nile Breweries and Nytil Uganda setting up, and many other sugar & tea processing industries. It is also going to host East Africa’s first automobile plant; The Kira Motors Corporation.

The sights and sounds of Jinja are breathtaking with tranquility and gush of the thrills.  This part of the Nile is also symbolized by waterfalls, rapids, steep gradient and fast moving water. All this give surge to wild adventures like the grade 5 white water rafting that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  The Nile High Bungee Jump allows you to take the leap of faith from the cliff and reach down to touch the waters. It’s a life time experience one should have while they are on safari in Uganda. It’s also good for team building adventures too while having the adrenaline rush.

Furthermore one can also enjoy other sporting activities like mountain biking, quad biking, jet skiing, kayaking, horse riding, sunrise and sunset boat cruises. The exquisite attractions of Jinja make it one of the best honeymoon safari destinations in Uganda. Be assured you will nourish love and enjoy more romance with your partner as nature inspires you.

A Uganda tour to the source of River Nile with your preferred tour operator in Uganda is one of the short trips you can choose to do while in the pearl of Africa. It is just a day’s trip that can be done at the start or end of your safari.  Dream, explore and discover the adventure hub of Africa because the Jinja is where awesomeness starts.


Conjoining the earth’s surface with a suspended plane to the rotation axis of the earth and holding its centre of mass is the Equator. Here however, the part that enshrouds this geographical covering is called the Uganda Equator, an eminent cum renowned land mark. Fact is, one cannot say; ‘I visited Uganda without having crossed the Uganda Equator’.  Anyway, it’s globally known that the Equator is an imaginary line that crosses the world dividing her into two equal parts/hemispheres; the Northern and southern hemispheres. A little wonder and magic along this imaginary line is that a magnetic needle cannot dip in basin water and stabilizes in a perfect horizontal position when positioned astride the equator line. Better still, it’s only at this point, where individuals can put either foot to stand on both sides of the world (the North and South). For the record, we experience but only warm temperatures and tropical climate along the Equator. The challenge is; we barely tell the difference between seasons.

Visitors with the affinity for an experience at Uganda equator can access this destination by travelling from Kampala city – the capital covering a distance of 72 kilometers to Kayabwe, Mpigi district because at this point, besides the road from Kampala stands a poster held up on its stands vividly indicating the markers of the Equator, along the Kampala-Masaka Road/ high way. Visitors intending to use public means; a taxi or bus can pay Uganda shillings 10,000/= or 15,000/=, which is USD 4-5 considering the current exchange rates. Yet in the south western direction from Kampala, locator markers of the Uganda Equator are being evident, crystal clear in Kasese district hailing through another gallant and profound land mark, just outside the Queen Elizabeth National Park. We recommend all visitors to carry with them a sun screen for this over whelming experience while standing in the middle of the Equator.

When having an exceptional holiday safari in Uganda, do not forget to pass via the Uganda equator, one should carry with them a souvenir for memory and also for family and friends. Copious structures are already established exhibiting astonishing works of Art; craft pieces. Our visitors can collect different products whatsoever from the Antique galleries and the Aid Child gallery at Kayabwe. T-shirts expressing “crossed the Equator” are available at this point too; pick them for all family and friends. Come all, and have this memorable experience that lasts eternally from the Uganda Equator.