Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

Uganda as a country lies across the Equator right in the heart of Africa in east Africa…

The country is bordered by Congo in the west, Kenya in the East, Rwanda in the South West, Tanzania in the South and Sudan in the north making Uganda a land locked country in east Africa.

Uganda is roughly the size of England, covering a total area of 236,040 sq km’s, with a population of about 30 million people.
The Summary of Uganda country Facts with figures:

Country: Uganda

Capital City: Kampala

Government: Democratic state.

Total Area: 236,040 sq km’s.

Area under water: 36,330 sq km’s.

Area (land):199,710 sq km’s.

Population: 27 million people.

Languages: English (official) Luganda, Bantu Languages, and Nilotic languages and Swahili.

Religions: Roman Catholics; 33% Protestants 33%, Moslems 16% Others 17 (including Pentecostal which has gained a lot of followers.

Average Family Income: about US $ 200 per annum

Independence Date: 9th of October 1962.

Industry: Brewing, Sugar factories, Cotton, Tobacco, Cement, Coffee, etc.
Agriculture: Coffee, Tea, Cotton, Vanilla, Millet, Milk, Poultry, Goat Meat, Fruits,
Minerals: Copper, Cobalt, Limestone, Salt, Fish

Climate: Tropical Accessibility: By Air, Entebbe International Airport, by Land through Busia and Malaba in the East, Katuna in the west and Mukula in the South.