The remarkable Rwanda will surely boast being home to Africa’s “big five” once again following the arrival of the Eastern black Rhinos in Rwanda after a decade of extinction. Like her counter-parts in the tourism industry and neighbors, that is Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, which for years have enjoyed being labelled home of the big five.

It has been ten years since Rwanda had the native black rhinos but later disappeared because of high massive poaching and the impacts of the the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi which cost people and animals their lives thus leaving Rwanda with only the Big 4-  lion, elephant, leopard and buffalo.

Just like Rwanda, Rhinos elsewhere are endangered animals. Poachers seek Rhinos for horns, of which are used as daggers, medicine, skin and some people feed on them. The high demand of these have therefore led to extinction strike and aim on national parks in Africa that are homes to Rhinos.

In 1970s, Rwanda’s Akagera National Park is stipulated to have had more than 50 black rhinos. The gazetted national park is an extensive area covering 1,200 km² in North – eastern Rwanda, protecting animals and vegetation in three eco-regions – Savannah, montane and swamp, among others.

Conservationists, continue to say that there are fewer than 5,000 black rhino in the wild worldwide, with only about 1,000 of the eastern sub-species living.

The black rhinos are big herbivore and are sub-species of the rhinoceros family. Rwanda’s milestone and high support of the tourism sector with deep measures have surely preserved their confidence to take a step to reclaim their glory by re-introducing the black Rhinos in Rwanda, one of the amazing African safari destinations.

The translocation of 10 new eastern black rhinos in Rwanda’s Akagera National Park from South Africa a decade after poaching, Rwanda believes it will ensure safety of their new gifts due to their increased vigilance and conservation measures taken by the country as a benefit for tourism.

For Rhino tracking safaris, Kenya and Tanzania have emerged favorites for adorable tourism in the past but now will become more competitive with destination Rwanda and even Uganda which have lately introduced the Rhinos to boost their wildlife Safaris.

In what is called “Rwanda Rhino home coming” which will last for two weeks from this month of May, Rwanda has all big hopes in the increase of tourists in the country.

20 black rhinos are expected to be restored in Rwanda though 10 have been already restocked in Akagera National Park located in Eastern Province, a move that makes the country back on the list of the Big Five destinations in Africa.

Thanks to the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), The South African High Commission,   Howard G. Buffett Foundation and many more partners in the plight to restore Rwanda’s lost Rhino Glory.

For new exciting destinations that offer Rhino tracking tours in Africa, the Akagera National Park in Rwanda will give you an exclusive African Safari including the big five, and a diversity of floral and animal species.

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