Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Uganda Gorilla trekking safari

Uganda Gorilla trekking is a wonderful experience. It allows you the opportunity to have a close encounter with these gentle giants of the jungle in their natural habitat.


Most of all, for any Uganda gorilla safari you need to be fairly fit. You must be equipped for the humid, muddy conditions in the rain forest hike, and in good health. Gorillas are susceptible to human illnesses but don’t have our immunities. This means  that a common cold can be deadly to a whole family of gorillas. So, you won’t be permitted to trek if you are unwell. Even in the dry season, the rain forests are also a challenging environment. It is humid, wet and muddy with some steep slopes, plenty of insects and thick vegetation.

Finally, it is absolutely worth the effort to spend time with gorillas in the wild, but you have to be prepared to exert yourself on the trek experience.

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