Uganda Unique Adventure

Uganda Unique Adventure

Uganda is a classic adventure tourism destination. The Bujagali falls which lies down stream of the source of the Nile an hour’s drive east of Kampala, is the east African counterpart to more southerly adrenaline capital such as Victoria Falls and the Cape Town. Bujagali is the launching point for a commercial white water rafting route that ranks as one of the most thrilling but also one of the safest in the world. It has greatly attracted many people to come for safaris to Uganda.

There are also five rapids in one day.

The other activities at Bujagali also include; kayaking, mountain biking, quad biking and the new 44 meter high bungee jump from a cliff above the Nile. These have also attracted many people to come for safari tours to the country. Boasting three separate montane destinations topping the 4000m mark; all protected within national parks, Uganda also offers some of Africa’s top hiking and climbing possibilities. Also serous mountaineers need to look no further than the majestic Rwenzori’s forests and the moorland zones to be as rewarding as it is demanding.

In the further east, the safari tourists also enjoy Mount Elgon. This is Africa’s eighth-highest mountain. It offers an excellent and relatively undemanding introduction to Afro-montane climates and vegetation; culminating in the ascent of a 6km wide volcanic caldera studded with small water falls, caves and the hot springs. The other estimable hiking destination is the Virunga Mountains. There, mountain gorilla tracking can be supplemented by a tough day ascent to one of the three extinct volcanoes protected within Mgahinga National park; the tallest of which is the Muhabura. This has greatly attracted many tourists to come for safari tours to Uganda.

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