Habituation of chimpanzees in Uganda

Chimpanzees in Uganda can be spotted in Kibale National park, queen Elizabeth National park and also in Budongo forest in Murchison Falls National park. Most of the safari tourists who travel to Uganda are interested in tracking the chimpanzees and some go for the habituation of these funny primates. This activity normally involves one hour of face to face interaction with thee close to human species. This is well with the time constrained to the travelers who also want to encounter the many other activities like mountain gorilla tracking with in the country.

The Habituation process in the chimpanzee world is also a whole day activity were the safari tourists are given a whole day to spend with the chimps. This is also an amazing activity that commences off early before dawn in the company of the rangers who help you to enter into the forest to catch up with the chimpanzees leaving their nests. This activity is so adventurous since it involves spending the whole day in the wilderness as you depart with your breakfast and also lunch since the activity requires the whole day. It has attracted many tourists to come for chimpanzee trekking safaris.

Viewing the chimps as they disintegrate their nests in the morning is so interesting; these carry out many activities in the day and some of these include; feeding, collecting fruits, playing and many more, the safari tourists are always given some time to interact and also feed these primates as well as take photos of these for the most memorable days of tourism in Uganda. This activity is also done best in months of May, April, November.

The habituation of the chimps can also be done in Ngamba Island which is also located in Entebbe on Lake Victoria. The habituation on this island starts in the morning and many of the tourists are always encouraged to sleep over at the Island so that they can be so early to catch up with the habituation process in Uganda.

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