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Botswana-South Africa Safari

This South Africa Safari takes you to Johannesburg; South Africa and fly to Victoria Falls and transfer to Chobe National Park where you will view many wildlife species like the Elephants, Zebras, Cape Buffaloes, Hippos and Crocodiles and the tree species. The joyful moment will be during the game drives carried out within the Park. You will also Fly to Okavango Delta via Kasane in Botswana and enjoy a game drive and view different animal species like Birds, Hippos, herds of Buffaloes, Sable Antelopes, Kudu and Elephants, among others.

After the safaris will move from Kasane to Kafue Zambia and stopover Kafue National Park and view many animals including; 55 large Mammal species with 6 varieties of Cat and 20 Hooved species. You will observe Leopards and Lions moving around stealthily in the Lufupa Channel in search of warthog, Hartebeest and the Elegant “Puku”, Elephants also gather here during the day while the Hippos venture out at twilight. You will also visit Hwange in Zimbambwe and enjoy a game drive in the Park and view animals including; Elephants, Buffalos, Eland, Wildebeest, Impala, Lions, Leopards, Cheetah, and many more Bird species.

The Park is also a common place for the stable Antelopes, and many more. You will also enjoy the life of the Hwange Community and the leisure time. You will then transfer to Victoria Falls in Zimbambwe and view the fig trees, many flowering species and an orientation walk of the town of the falls. The tour will finally end in South Africa.

You will arrive at Johannesburg, South Africa and accommodation will be at Protea Hotel or Tambo or any other hotel of your choice. Then meet our officials and you will be transferred to your hotel for a night. You will also be joined by other people who traveled on our optional South Africa Karongwe Game Reserve extension.
You will fly from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls and later transfer to Chobe National Park. In the morning we shall fly to Victoria Falls and we shall arrive in the early afternoon, and we shall drive across the border to our lodge in Botswana. We shall have a briefing on our upcoming explorations and we shall enjoy a welcoming drink and dinner at the lodge in the evening.
Meals: Breakfast and lunch
Accommodations will be at Baobab Safari Lodge or similar
In the next two days we shall aim at seeking out game in Chobe National Park which is the second largest National Park and the first to be established in the country. Chobe National Park is known to be a home to one of the largest Elephant populations and presently the herd is estimated to be 50,000 animals. This enormous region offers a variety in both wildlife and the Terrain. There are both large and small animals in the Riverine Forest, flood plains and the montane, elephants always gather around baobab trees, drawn by the water that is stored in their bark.

Most of our African Safari days follow this general pattern, after our morning game viewing, we shall spend some time quietly in the heat of the day. Thereafter after, we shall have tea in the late afternoon. After we shall head out for the afternoon game viewing drive and in the evening before sunset we shall gather to view the golden sun sinking behind a nearby watering hole. We shall then enjoy our candlelight dinner.

Usually in the dry season, the Chobe River attracts much more game and thousands of animals congregate on its banks. Hippos are submerged in the waters. Some visitors have got a chance to see Zebras migrating and large groups of Giraffes amble about the land and Hyenas, Cheetahs, Leopards and Wildebeest may also be seen around their thickly populated habitats. There is also a spectacular birdlife ranging from Eagles and Bustards to plovers and the rollers as well as the bee eaters bustle near the sandbank nests. You will also see water birds like Egret, Ibis and the Heron alongside the River.

The day will be spent according to the usual pattern and we shall explore the Chobe National Park in the morning and in the afternoon we shall have game viewing drives and then return to the lodge right in time to view basket weaving demonstration. We shall then have tea and later when the sun is down we shall have dinner at the lodge.
Meals include Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Then accommodation at Baobab Safari Lodge or similar

The Safari today in Chobe features a full day of game viewing drive in the Chobe National Park which has the greatest concentration of game found on the African continent and we are sure this will highlight our adventure. During this day we shall spot some of the magnificent Elephants in addition to the Zebras, Cape Buffaloes, Hippos and Crocodiles.  We shall have lunch outside the vehicles and have a long picnic lunch; then have a traditional South African dinner “Braai” which is similar to our Barbecue but closely connected to the outdoor life, culture and the laid back lifestyle of the South Africans. Then finally end the day with a relaxing sundowner with fellow travelers.

Meals include breakfast lunch and dinner

Accommodation at Baobab Safari Lodge or similar

We shall have a briefing of the trip leader on the region’s history before we board a minibus to take us to Kasane, Botswana. We shall then get a light aircraft flight to our camp in Botswana.
Our lodge will be a private Wilderness Tented Camp which is adjacent to the border of the Moremi National Park in the northern region of the Delta.

On arrival we shall enjoy a game viewing drive and have picnic lunch en route to our camp where we shall have a briefing about the lodge and the area surrounding. You will relax afterwards until dinner or even enjoy an additional game viewing activity.
Meals will be breakfast, lunch and dinner
Accommodation will be Wilderness Tented Camp or similar

We are devoting these two days into depth exploration of the Okavango Delta and each we shall split into groups and choose from a variety of options to explore the area which will include ‘’Mokoro canoe ride which is seasonal or even a game viewing drive.

While in the Delta, we shall see a variety of birds like the vibrantly plumed lilac-breasted roller and the striking pygmy goose which is duck specie. We can also spot the Pell’s fishing owl which is nocturnal during the day. The Hippos spend days submerged in the Delta waters; sitatunga and red lechwe frequent both the swamps and the dry land.

We shall get a chance to see herds of Buffaloes, Sable Antelopes, kudu and Elephants. We shall return to the lodge in time for lunch and then after enjoy an afternoon tea before heading for our next game viewing excursion and return to the lodge after sundown, then after dinner we shall enjoy an informative talk about the local wildlife.

Meals include Breakfast lunch and dinner

Accommodations will be at Wilderness Tented Camp or similar

Even today we shall continue to explore the Okavango Delta and again split into groups and explore the area by ‘’Mokoro’’ on the Delta and also enjoy a game viewing drive in the neighboring Savannah

Meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner

Accommodations will be at the Wilderness Tented Camp or similar

Early in the morning after breakfast, we shall fly by a light aircraft from Okavango Delta to Kasane Airport. We shall then travel by road and boat to Livingstone, then take another aircraft to Lufupa Tented Camp in Kafue National Park in the afternoon. This is of Zambia’s most impressive Parks. Kafue was the first to join an initiative to link the National Parks of five of African countries into what will eventually become a 108,000 square milk Park and to be known as the Kavango- Zambezi Trans frontier Conservation Area also known as the Okavango –Upper Zambezi (TFCA).

We shall then enjoy an afternoon tea in the cool shade of Jackal berry trees; and enjoy our first game viewing excursion by boat or by the 4×4 vehicle late in the afternoon.
Kafue has a distinction that we will appreciate on our game viewing drives; it is known to be home to the largest diversity of mammals in Zambia. It has got over 55 large mammal species with 6 varieties of cat and 20 hooved species. Leopards and Lions move around stealthily in the Lufupa Channel in search of warthog, hartebeest and the Elegant ‘’puku’’. Elephants also gather here during the day while the Hippos venture out at twilight. We shall be helped by our guide to spot the animals as we explore the park.

We shall then return to the Camp in time for dinner; which is located in the northern section of the park along the banks of the Kafue River, from our Safari-style tented rooms. We shall be able to the slow moving river and the wildlife that attracts it. Then after dinner we shall gather around the campfire to compare notes on the animals we have viewed.

Meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner

Accommodations will be at Lufupa Tented Camp or similar

This time we shall enjoy two game viewing excursions by boat or by the Safari vehicle during the most temperate hours. These are  early morning and late afternoon when the animals are most active. And in addition to the mammal species like the graceful giraffes, Kafue hosts nearly 500 species of birds like the yellow-billed Oxpecker, trumpeter hornbill and the grey crowned crane. Also along the rivers that feed the park, we may be able to see the white-backed night heron, African fin foot, or the saddle-billed stork. You may also choose to linger at the camp and enjoy Kafue river views at leisure or you may choose to join our trip leader on a nature walk around the Camp.

We shall then gather and have dinner in the evening around the campfire.

Meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner

Then accomodation at Lufupa Tented Camp or similar

You will have two more game viewing excursions in the morning and in the afternoon as you explore the outer reaches of the park by boat or the safari vehicle. It’s also impossible to exhaust the discoveries at Kafue; one of the continent’s largest national parks at just 8600 square miles; it’s also roughly, the size of the entire state of New Jersey. Kafue’s habitants span river forests, floodplains, woodlands, and the open grasslands. There will also be an opportunity to fish along the banks; as well as a sundowner cruise later in the afternoon. We shall gather for the dinner and a campfire in the night; swapping the memories of all we have encountered on the explorations in this stunning locale.

Meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner
Then at Lufupa Tented Camp or similar

In the morning after the breakfast, we will enjoy a final game viewing drive in the region during the transfer overland to the airstrip for the chartered flight to Livingstone Airport. From this place, we board a minibus that takes us to Victoria Falls; the departure point for the drive to Hwange National park, Zimbabwe’s largest park. This outstanding area of the African bush country boasts plentiful wildlife and remains relatively undiscovered. The camp is located in the northern section of Hwange National park. Each tented unit offers views of the Sinamatella River and the surrounding hillside from the veranda. We will also have lunch en route to our camp, arriving in the early afternoon.

This park is also home to many diverse habitats, from teak forests to palm islands to vast, savannah plains. You will also enjoy the rich menagerie of game that can also include; elephants, Buffalos, eland, wildebeest, impala, lions, leopards, cheetah, and many more bird species. The park is also a common place for the stable antelopes, and many more. Later in the afternoon, we shall head out for a game drive during the hours just before and after sunset, returning to the camp afterwards for dinner. We may also be lucky enough to dine with a view of elephants close to the camp. Later, you will enjoy a talk enjoying the unique geology and the geography of Hwange National Park.
Then dinner and overnight at Kashawe Tented Camp

In the morning, we shall have the opportunity to enjoy a nature walk or game viewing with one of the guides. During the walk, you will learn about the region’s flora and the intricate cycle of life in the bush we will also identify which animals have passed through the area. The guide may also expound on everything from how elephant dung can be used as mosquito repellent, to how the giraffe is also able to eat the leaves off the thorny acacia trees. We will return to the camp for lunch. Then we can choose to view game from a lodge hide or also attend a talk on Hwange’s history, geology, and the geography. We will take an afternoon tea from the hide or back in the camp. We will also journey into the bush once again for our afternoon game viewing drive; before returning to the camp after the sundown to enjoy dinner and the evening at leisure.

We will take a break from game viewing to learn more about Zimbabwe’s human residents as we enjoy a day in the life of a village near the park. The first stop is as St Mary’s primary school, which is supported in the part by Grand circle foundation. While there, we have the unique opportunity to meet the teachers and also share smiles with the children. Then we will meet a village leader; who will take us on a short tour which reveals how the local people live, tend to the animals, and also raising their crops. We will also learn a few words in the language of the local Ndebele people; before sitting down with a family to gain insights into the culture first hand. Also,we will have an opportunity for hands on discovery. We can take part in some farming activities like planting, milking cows, and collecting eggs. We will return to the camp for lunch. Then finally we will enjoy a game drive in the afternoon and after return to the camp.
Have an early morning game drive, you will have breakfast and drive to Victoria Falls. We shall visit the largest curtain of water in the world and one of the world’s seven natural wonders. After lunch at a local restaurant, we will enjoy a guided tour which includes exploring walking trails and lookout points- each with different views. There are five main cataracts, including the most dramatic, the main falls and the devil’s cataract. The flora around the falls is also naturally profuse. You will also see ebony, fig trees and many flowering species. The rain forest surrounding the falls is particularly lush, fed by Victoria’s perceptual spray. You will also enjoy a dinner at any local restaurant; then dinner and overnight at Spray view Hotel
In case you like, you can join a combination of optional tours including an elephant back safari or a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls. You will also enjoy an orientation walk of the town of Victoria falls later this morning. You will also find hand crafts like the famous shone stone carvings and a variety of wooden carvings. That evening, we will gather for a talk on the life of David Livingstone before dinner at the local restaurant

After the morning leisure, we will drive to the airport and board the flight to Johannesburg; Both the flight for the post trip extension Cape Town & the Cape of Good Hope and the return flights to the US. Depart in the early evening

End of Safari with Love Uganda Safaris


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